About our Company and PRoducts

This company was born with a passion to create great products. Top of the line products, to be exact. We don't benchmark what we sell on our competitors, we benchmark it on customer value. 


We are your company if you like something that is built with quality, usability, and style as the top priority. 


Every product is built with the user in mind. We start by building every product with the expectation it will be used hard - lots and lots of steel. 

Second comes craftsmanship. Built by someone who takes pride in their work. Someone that will build you a product that makes you smile every time you look at it. 

From there, it's using top quality lighting brands, the best powder coating methods, and professional installation to finish off the process. 

We don't just build it. We Build it to Use. 




Designed and Manufactured with pride in Bend, OR USA


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